Friday, March 23, 2012

#spcrockstars Women in Technology Panel 10/3/2011 #spc11

Women in SharePoint DC had the great honor of presenting on Monday October 3, 2011 with Marie-Michelle Strah, Janis Hall, Veronique Palmer and Suzanne George on a panel immediately following the keynote. Masterfully moderated by Nedra Allmond, photographed by Marcy Kellar and orchestrated by Liza Sisler, this panel was one of two devoted specifically to issues surrounding women in technology in the SharePoint space. Thanks to Bill English, CEO of Mindsharp, for coming by afterwards and congratulating us on the achievement – that support from fellow travelers is invaluable.

The four of us had over 60 years of experience in the field – so the panel was one of experience, wisdom and tried and true observations from longstanding experts in diverse career fields: architecture, training, administration, development, and small business owner. It was very exciting to be part of such an accomplished group.
Our discussion focused on the opportunities and challenges that careers in technology provide, especially working in the SharePoint space.

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